Working together we will focus on what matters most across the three big life domains of – self, relationships and career.

I specialise in coaching professionals, some of which appear to have it all; successful career, beautiful home, luxury holidays and wonderful relationships, but feel that there are still gaps.

I have coached clients to move closer to a better way of living, whatever that meant to them. Before starting my business, I worked in the corporate business world facing some of the challenges below and I believe this has given me a deep understanding of the needs of my clients.

Common reasons clients have approached me to be coached:

They are progressing well in life but there is still an element that needs to be addressed in their lives.

Wanting to find balance in their work, health, responsibility, family and relationships.

Advice to transition from their current role into the future life they desire.

Some are transitioning now, some in a few months, whereas others are planning to transition in the near future. For all of these clients getting this transition right is critically important.

Looking to have a sustainable life balance.

Work towards a sustainable life balance across the three domains of – self, relationships and work, so that they’re able to focus on what matters most.
“I live on a plane or I work away over 90% of my time.”

Wanting to feel more purpose and meaning in their life.

This often comes to a head because very few professionals do work that is their calling.
“Something is missing inside me that I can’t fill even with this great lifestyle.”

To be successful in their profession, whilst balancing family commitments.

“I’m struggling to manage working full time being a senior executive as well as trying to fulfil the role of being a parent and partner at home.”

To build confidence while struggling internally.

“I am going through a separation and feel a sense of loss and agony like everything around me is falling apart.”

To achieve loving relationships.

“Often I just see the kids before they go to sleep.”

Aspire to be the best parent that they can be.

“My parents primarily had a distant relationship with me because they were too busy working or managing to get by, they did their best but I want a deeper connection with my child.”

Transiting from working life to early retirement.

Taking a decisive step to think ahead and what this may look like.
“I want to enjoy my life and put myself first before I have any regrets.”

For some clients, it’s about addressing some of the above and for others just one.

Ask yourself, what changes do you want to make. I’m curious to find out, so let’s explore and work on a strategy towards getting results. We will dive deep into this and discuss the best way forward for yourself.

Areas of Coaching

Coaching can (and often does) involve a multitude of interwoven areas. I can support you with breaking this down and focusing on the most important areas that are holding you back.

The areas I cover include, but are not limited to:

• Career progression / transition

• Goal setting / gaining clarity

• Personal development

• Interests / passions

• Confidence building

• Happiness and fulfilment

• Work / life balance

• Social / communication skills

• Assertiveness

• Leadership

• Maximising your potential

• Overcoming procrastination

• Interview techniques

• Time management

• Health and wellbeing

• Reduce anxiety and stress

• Networking skills

• Relationships / dating

• Image / personal brand

• Expatriation / cultural intelligence

If there is an area outside of these you would like to cover, I will be happy to discuss it.